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Subject: [DS-HUM] CFP: dys•regulate (a new webzine)

Sharing this on behalf of the co-editors:
experience · writing · drawing · painting · commentary · poems · feeling · hope · rage borderline · neurodiversity · impulses · ptsd · celebration · social justice a dys-regulating neuroqueer-feminist zine for & edited by edited for and by the neurodiverse, the neuroqueer, the dys-regulating Issue 1 Borderline Awareness Call for cultural critique, academic inspired analysis, essays, stories, poems, art For Borderline Personality Disorder awareness month, we ask for writing & art about borderline awareness. What peculiar-painful-beautiful awareness do you have because you are borderline? Because we dysregulate? What do you see that others do not? Where does borderline awareness give you power?
What does borderline and dysregulated awareness have to offer the world?
We seek writing & art that reflects borderline awareness. Writing & art that dances with the borders of feelings, knowing, hurting & healing.
Writing & art that interrogates. Writing & art that cuts to the bone.
Writing & art that reveals. Writing & art that is beautifully, unapologetically borderline.
Dys-regulate aims to disrupt binaries such as illness/wellness, doctor/patient, broken neurotransmitters/broken cultures. It is in this spirit that we approach the zine itself, which will not draw a distinction between work that is “academic” and work that is not. We are maligned, marginalised and misunderstood. There are those who seek to managed and control us, those who prefer we masquerade as neurotypical. Like so many with disobedient brains and bodies, we are treated as objects until we mold ourselves to match dominant culture. Dys-regulate is a space to claim our humanity, part of which is a right to be flawed and make mistakes just like everyone else. We believe that everything we do is deeply political and offers vital perspectives to many cultural conversations, scholarly and otherwise. We will consider the theoretical and the personal, both, neither and anything in between. We celebrate, interrogate & generate the in-between.
Please keep written pieces 3,000 words or less. Poetry – send up to 3 poems, 25 lines or less for each poem. In addition to longer pieces, we are open to micro-essays, flash-fiction, and all short forms. Send your piece pasted into the body of an email to dysregulate at gmail.com <dysregulate at dysregulated.org> by March 1st 2019 . Art please send up to 2 jpegs.
We ask that those submitting identify as borderline or chronically dysregulating. We welcome submissions from cis & trans folks, genderqueer folks, non-binary people, people from diasporic communities, people of color, disabled folks, chronically ill folks, queer folks, poor folks & older folks in particular. We understand that to identify as borderline is political and to do so publicly can pose significant risk to a person’s livelihood. If you need to publish under a pseudonym, let us know.
Dr. Lisa Johnson
Director & Professor of Women's and Gender Studies University of South Carolina Upstate

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