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Fri Jan 18 07:56:30 EST 2019

The American Anthropological Association is seeking a coordinator for disability access at conferences and meetings.  A unique opportunity to shape access in an entire field - please see details below.

Wendy Harbour

Coordinator, Access and Meetings

Overall Responsibility: Set a tone for an ethos of disability access informed by disability culture. Ensure delivery of a broad spectrum of accessibility accommodations for AAA members and meeting attendees with disabilities (mobility, speech, vision, deafness/hearing impairments, environmental disabilities, multiple disabilities, etc.), and support implementation of programming to build a culture of access among the broader AAA membership, staff, and organizational leadership. Develop communication plans, delivery processes, and evaluation and success tracking for accessibility programs across the association. Liaise with external service providers for delivery of accommodations. Support section and annual meetings through work within the abstract management system to assist the meetings department with call for papers, registration, and program production. Deliver exceptional member and attendee customer service both from the office headquarters and onsite at events as the lead on accessibility.
Scope of Organization/Functional Responsibilities: Develop and oversee association-wide accessibility accommodation services for an association of 9,000+ members; monitor and evaluate the success of accessibility programs; coordinate with external service providers; assist with call for papers, registration processes, and facility/logistics planning for 6-10 section meetings per year; assist with annual meeting call for papers; provide member and attendee customer support for members and attendees; support assistant director on development of programming as assigned.
Number of Volunteers Supported: Varies, includes Disability Research Interest Group, Section Program Chairs
Number of Employees Managed/Supervised:  N/A; coordinates 30-50 Annual Meeting student volunteers
Specific Responsibilities:

  1.  Serve as the primary staff face and voice of accessibility services for the organization.
  2.  Liaise initially with the Society for Medical Anthropology Disability Research Interest Group to refine accessibility programs.
  3.  Contribute to developing, and act as a point of contact for, an organization-wide group of AAA members with expertise related to disability access to review future educational programs and conference policies.
  4.  Ensure successful delivery of accessibility accommodations to all members, users, and attendees of AAA events and communications.
  5.  Work with AAA staff to ensure access on web and print platforms. Work with AAA staff, DRIG, and other section leadership to proactively develop and execute new programs, trainings, and communication campaigns related to access and disability in the AAA and the practice of anthropology more generally.
  6.  Assist with development of membership wide communications to increase awareness of accessibility programs and offerings.
  7.  Monitor, evaluate, and report the success of accessibility programs, recommending adjustments and improvements as warranted.
Section Meetings

  1.  Support Section Meetings’ Calls for Papers in abstract management system to include accessibility, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  2.  Support Section Meetings’ Registration processes in membership database to include accessibility, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  3.  Prepare weekly registration reporting updates and tracking.
  4.  Support Assistant Director on Section Meeting logistics and facility planning.
Other Duties

  1.  Provide excellent external facing customer service to all members and attendees by serving as lead on accessibility and meetings email inboxes.
  2.  Coordinate the Annual Meeting Volunteer Program.
  3.  Assist the Meetings Director and Assistant Director with programmatic elements of the annual meeting.
  4.  Assist with committee and other volunteer meeting logistics onsite and at AAA offices.
  5.  Regularly update meetings webpages on the AAA website.
  6.  Other duties as assigned.

Experience: 2-4 years of experience with developing and delivering accessibility services, meeting planning, and association programs. Proven commitment to and/or experience with disability inclusion in a disability rights framework.

Skills and Abilities: Strong customer service focus, excellent verbal and written communication skills, experience with data entry, able to handle several projects simultaneously, ability to evaluate programs based on qualitative and quantitative indicators. Familiarity with disability rights and disability justice issues and ability to address these issues in communications with membership and on behalf of the Association.

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  *   Knowledge of and interest in the field of anthropology
  *   American Sign Language Proficiency and experience with Computer Aided Real Time Transcription (CART) or other real time text accessibility
  *   Experience with abstract management systems, preferably Cadmium

Devva Kasnitz, PhD
Spring 2018 -- Kate Welling Distinguished Scholar in Disability Studies, Miami University, Oxford, OH
Adj Professor, City University of New York—School of Professional Studies—Disability Studies
Executive Director, Society for Disability Studies, PO BOX 5570, Eureka CA 95502

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