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Of possible interest - from Bill Gaventa. Please contact him directly with questions.


Here is the first webinar in our 2019 Series, starting January 23.  If you go to the link, you will see the others planned through May.    Please share this blurb with any networks or people you think may be interested.

January 23, 2019 (1-2pm central) (Note, this is the 4th Wednesday for January)
Title:  Islam and Disability in Theory and Practice
Description: We begin with a summary of how Islamic theology and law inform Muslim perspectives on people with disabilities. Thereafter, we present a brief overview (accompanied with pictures and video clips) of the current state of disability awareness and accommodation within American Muslim communities, including the efforts, successes and challenges of the networks and organizations working to provide support.  Register HERE.<http://faithanddisability.org/webinar/>
Presenters:  Suheil Laher, Ph.D., Academic Director, Fawakih<https://fawakih.org/>, and Joohi Tahir, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MUHSEN<https://muhsen.org/>: Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs.  Bill Gaventa, Moderator.

Bill Gaventa, M.Div.
Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, http://faithanddisability.org/projects/summer-institute/
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Telephone: 732-718-5875

Summer Institute on Theology and Disability 2019: May 20-23.2019. <http://faithanddisability.org/2019-summer-institute/> Holland, Michigan, in collaboration with Western Theological Seminary

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