[Hbcudisability] 2019 Kentucky Rehabilitation Association Annual Training Conference! Call for Papers!

Martin, Christa A (OVR-FK) Christa.Martin at ky.gov
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Subject: 2019 Kentucky Rehabilitation Association Annual Training Conference! Call for Papers!

The Kentucky Rehabilitation Association (KRA) would like to formally invite you to submit your proposal in an answer to our Call for Papers for the 2019 KRA Annual Training Conference in Hebron, KY!

I've attached the 2019 Call for Papers for your review. We would love to see you in beautiful Northern Kentucky next August 27-29th!!!

The KRA Annual Training Conference will be held August 28-29th with the Kentucky Job Placement & Development division's Pre-Conference held August 27th. Join us for both and our anticipated Third Annual KRA 5k Dash for disABILITIES the evening of August 27th, which raises money for the KRA Scholarship Fund and awards a minimum of one deserving student in the Commonwealth with a disability a $1,000 cash scholarship!

Christa Martin, MRC/CRC
Job Placement Specialist
2019 KRA-JPD Past-President
2019 NRA-JPD Treasurer
2019 NRA Secretary
Kentucky Career Center
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
229 W. Main St., Suite 302
Frankfort, KY 40601
Office (502) 564-7629
Fax (502) 564-7814
Christa.Martin at ky.gov<mailto:Christa.Martin at ky.gov>
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